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Healthy gut = healthy skin

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Healthy gut = healthy skin

Those 2 organs have much in common and research shows an intimate, bidirectional connection between them. Many skin problems are a result of an unhealthy gut. Keeping your bacterial flora healthy is everything when fighting any inflammation or infections of The skin or any other inflammations in your body.

What will improve your gut health?

Eating vegetables, legumes, beans, fermented food, whole grains and most importantly probiotics.

Here is a little information about probiotics

Probiotics is a very broad term, therefore, the ones that are sold in the market may include many different bacteria species. Some of these species are not resistant to acids released by stomach but some of them are resistant. These resistant ones can reach the intestine fine. This is why people have been working on different bacterial species to see which one can reach the intestine and improve health. When you buy probiotics as a powder you actually buy a combination of good bacteria that wouldn't be destroyed by the stomach. Additionally, there are probiotics sold as capsule supplements. These capsules are designed in a way that they would survive the stomach. As you know there are many medicines sold inside a capsule and the reason is to protect them from stomach acids. So I imagine that probiotics that include bacteria that would die in stomach are sold in capsules that can protect the bacteria from acids.


Every morning on empty stomach, water with lemon plus probiotic.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Youth Biome is an excellent product.

SkinDose suggests taking daily SkinYouth Biome and Vit C from Advanced Nutrition Programme.


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