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Winter skincare secrets from SkinDose

The dark nights draw in, the temperatures begin to fall and our skin starts to feel dry and dull, sometimes even itchy. Our lips get chapped. It's frustrating. You tell yourself every year that you'll look after your skin better, or maybe next year. Have you asked yourself if that's an honest promise to yourself? With all the options out there, do you even truly know how you should look after your skin in winter?

Do you always end up buying a lot of products, only to find they don’t work, so you end up wasting your time and money searching for them and buying them?

Do you end up with lots of cosmetic products for Christmas that you don’t really want or need?

Have you always wanted a correct, tailored set of products for your individual skin type in your bathroom but you don’t know where to go to get them?

Have you always wanted to find an expert skin therapist who is on the other side of the phone 24/7 for personal skin advice and tips?

SkinDose has everything and more to help you achieve a sustainable and successful skincare routine, all year round.

Maintaining healthy and glowing skin in winter is achievable!

SkinDose has the expertise to guide you to:

  • keep your skin’s vitamin A levels replenished (this nutrient is vital to keep skin healthy and resilient).

  • Enable your skin to lock in moisture, and avoid dryness and dehydration.

  • Achieve glowing skin using science and spirituality, bringing self confidence while avoiding quick-fix, fake solutions.

The key to maintaining skin health is consistency and accountability. SkinDose facials are designed to provide your skin with everything it needs to stay hydrated and radiant throughout the winter, and beyond. It'll also be a treat for YOU - SkinDose facials are so relaxing, in a warm and cosy intimate space, with a weighted blanket and soft beats in the background.

Facial packages

Discover the SkinDose way. For consistency, accountability and to get the most out of your money, a SkinDose facial package is the best value, and offers the best results. Buy five facials and get the sixth one free. SkinDose also offers a new facial add-on, using hot and cold stones for maximum results and relaxation.

SkinDose therapist Karolina Lipinska will create your bespoke treatment and skincare plan.

Even if you are in Oxford temporarily - Karolina will then direct you to a listed Environ salon anywhere else in the world or you can stay in touch with her and she will be happy to guide you on your skincare journey.

Create a lasting and sustainable change - let SkinDose keep you accountable. Request an appointment.


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