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Take time for you with our online Skin Coaching

Looking for expert skin advice and not sure where to start?
Feeling stuck in your skincare routine?
Unsure where to turn when tackling problem skin, or simply want to start taking better care of your skin in general?

Perhaps a full SkinDose facial isn't quite right for you at this stage in your SkinDose journey. Perhaps you're looking for some advice before deciding to book a SkinDose facial.

Book online Skin Coaching with Karolina, SkinDose Director. Karolina brings over 15 years' experience in the skincare industry, with thousands of happy clients who have sustained a lifetime of healthy and glowing skin.

Coaching sessions take place online via Zoom, and options include:

  • £45 for a 30 minute session

  • £70 for a one hour session, which can be split into two 30 minute sessions

"I am getting the best facials and skincare advice I have ever received - Karolina knows exactly what she is talking about and really cares about her clients. Couldn't recommend highly enough."

SkinDose client, Google review

Karolina explains what you can expect from Skin Coaching...

Everyone is unique, and our skin is no different. So many factors can influence our skin's appearance and health. I have spent many years working with clients and their skin. I specialise in offering tailored skincare advice depending on your lifestyle, habits, desired outcome and more. 

We are all so very different and that is the reason it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication in getting to know you, your lifestyle, your routine and your skin. Through regular chats, together we can find a pattern based on which your body and skin operate.

Through our online sessions, I will want to find out more about:


Your skin's current condition

Your lifestyle

Your medical history

Your current health

Your occupation and how this influences your day-to-day life

Your skincare struggles and concerns

Your overall skin health goals.


I will guide you through your nutrition and help you to find a skincare routine which will benefit your skin health in the long term, as well as your overall wellbeing.


I will also be available for queries outside of the online sessions.

I will be in contact with you to discuss progress and you can contact me 24/7 with as many queries as you like.

It is my privilege to guide you on your skincare journey. We will work together to achieve the best results for you.
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