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Revealing healthy skin is the first step in revealing your best self. 

Read on to discover the SkinDose philosophy...

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How can SkinDose help you?

My name is Karolina Lipinska.

I am a qualified CIBTAC skin therapist with over 15 years’ experience in the skincare industry, as well as over 10 years’ experience running my Oxford-based business, SkinDose.


I am passionate about skin health on a sustainable level, away from the recent fashion of botox and dermal fillers. My philosophy is based on science-backed products and treatments which are focussed on the natural stimulation of the skin, drawing from the physiology of your skin’s natural mechanisms to bring about lasting skin health and results.

We can achieve this together through regular and sustainable SkinDose facial treatments, correct skincare tailored to your individual skin type and needs together with supplementation. I use a combination of three since-backed companies: Environ, Dermalux and Advanced Nutrition Programme. These bring about the best lasting and sustainable results for my clients, resulting in self-empowerment and self-confidence well away from more invasive treatments such as botox, which can have an opposite, undesired outcome of looking unnatural and causing damage to self-worth and self-image in the long term.

It is very important, for me as a therapist working in the skincare industry, to be able to voice my disagreement and concerns with recent trends. I keep watching young generations fall under the spell of the pressure to look perfect on social media platforms and beyond. The pressure and expectations created by these platforms is having a huge impact on millions of individuals’ mental health and wellbeing. The ageing process is inevitable but we can slow it down through natural stimulation of our own skin mechanism and with no side effects.


At SkinDose, I don’t only guide you through skincare, supplementation and a bespoke treatment plan but I also coach you how to maintain stress levels which is one of the main factors having an impact on our health and skin. Our skin is the best indicator of our inner emotions.


I also support my clients with nutritional guidance which together with all the above points will bring the optimum all-round support for your skin health and well being.


Please get in touch today to discuss your skin concerns, and request an appointment so we can begin your skincare journey with SkinDose.

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I truly understand how quality products and a proactive regime can make a difference.

It’s my belief that
good skincare and beauty — with proven results — should be accessible to everyone.

Established for over 10 years

in the heart
of Oxford

Offering a range
of specialist
facials and waxing treatments

I strongly believe that science and spirituality can work together — they always have.

I guarantee treatments that will make you look and feel your best.


Ready to transform your skin?

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