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The SkinDose story

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Many of my clients are curious about the SkinDose journey, how SkinDose was created and whether I work with anyone else or have any employees. I get asked varied questions everyday. I wanted to write this blog to give you an insight into the SkinDose story. I think you will be surprised!

My name is Karolina Lipinska. I am owner/director/CEO of SkinDose. I don’t really have an official title so I’m happy to take all 3! SkinDose is my baby. It was born 11 years ago under the name ‘The Beauty Studio’ and I am proud to have built SkinDose into what it is today - and I have built it solo (well, with the help of a few special people along the way, of course). On a day-to-day level, it’s just me.

The early days

As a tomboy moving into early adulthood back in 2008, I didn’t wear makeup and the latest fashion didn’t really interest me. Having suffered from stage 4 acne for a number of years, I identified with how this can have a huge impact on the confidence and self-esteem on those who deal with it daily. I was curious and interested in the effects, in our skin and the physiology behind our skin’s behaviour and characteristics. Early on, I felt a spark to discover how science and nutrition can play a part in our skin health and, in turn, benefit our overall physical and mental wellbeing. I felt a yearning to learn more.

Studying at college

I studied Beauty Therapy at Oxford International College of Beauty. This experience was quite overwhelming for me. With my tomboy tendencies, I couldn’t relate to many of my classmates who were into the glamour and fashion side of the industry - they wanted to only learn about the quick fix treatments and products. However, I completed my studies and felt determined to create a career for myself, follow my passion and find my purpose to help others.

Early doubts (we all have them!)

Following college, I worked for a high-end spa in Oxford. The truth is, with this experience I became more and more concerned about whether this industry is really for me. I was working with quick fix techniques and aromatherapy without much science involved at all. I have a great love for spirituality and crystals, but the short-cut approaches are not for me and I quickly knew it is not what I wanted to stand for.

As a result, I often struggled with concerns that the industry is too focussed on the quick, temporary solutions or other extremes I could not represent either - Botox and fillers. I knew there must be another way and I was determined to find it.

The Beauty Studio

I decided to take a huge step and opened my own place in September 2011. The Beauty Studio was based in a room at the back of a hairdressing salon in Summertown, Oxford. Starting out, I knew few people in Oxford and had a tiny client base. I held extra part-time jobs to make ends meet. It was a struggle, but I was determined to find my way and build my philosophy in a crowded industry.

Creating my philosophy

Through the following years, I slowly found my vision and where I wanted to be. I created a path and philosophy involving science-backed products with Environ, alongside nutrition and wellness to bring about lasting skin radiance and health, avoiding flash solutions and processes based on fake results. I found my niche and I am proud of it.

In 2016 I moved to a premises in Jericho, Oxford, where The Beauty Studio continued to grow. Having built my vision and beliefs, I founded a loyal client base who strongly believed in my philosophy also, based on proven results.

Stuff dreams are made of: British Vogue

One of my proudest moments came in 2018 when I received a call and email from Laura Bailey from British Vogue. I initially thought it must be a scam email. But no, it was genuine, and Vogue published a section about The Beauty Studio in three of their magazines. I have the copies on display in my premises now.

SkinDose rebrand

I rebranded as SkinDose in 2020. This brand, the logo and website truly represent what SkinDose stands for. I have focussed fully on facials (Environ & Dermalux LED therapy), alongside advanced waxing and even if I say so myself, I am great at what I do! And I truly love it. It makes me proud everyday knowing that I am guiding my clients to a lifetime of radiant skin and healthy habits, enabling them to discover their true best self, leading to confidence, self-belief and empowerment in everyday life. I have since also qualified as a life coach, which enables me to incorporate this knowledge to guide and coach my clients on routines and techniques to make the most of everyday life to benefit their skin and overall abundance.

In June 2022 a huge part of the SkinDose puzzle was complete - I moved to central Oxford into my private, intimate space. It’s the perfect setting and truly where SkinDose belongs. Come and see it for yourself!

I am excited to see what the future holds for SkinDose. I can’t wait for my clients, old and new, to continue to join me on this journey to skin health, radiance and full self-empowerment.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you follow your heart and passions, even a tomboy in the beauty industry can achieve their dreams!

I look forward to seeing you all soon. Request an appointment.


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