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Waxing in Oxford, Oxfordshire 

Revealing healthy skin is the first step in revealing your best self. 

A skincare appointment, even for just a few minutes can transform your mood immensely

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Our Waxing Treatments

Alongside our facials and skincare treatments, Karolina also offers a variety of advanced waxing treatments. Karolina is an experienced waxer and works from her relaxing space in Oxford, Oxfordshire, providing treatments ranging from intimate waxing, leg and arm waxing, chin and lip waxing and more.

Whether it's your first waxing treatment, or you have booked in with us before, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. You can simply book in with us by requesting an appointment.

The below information will help you find out more about how to prepare for your first wax, how often you should have waxing done and how long the hair needs to be. 


You can also read more about how SkinDose waxing is unique in our blog post.

Everything you
need to know
your first wax...

Do you use hot wax for intimate waxing?

I use hot/non strip wax from Kim Lawless for all kinds of bikini wax and underarm waxing. For the rest of the body,

I use warm/strip wax from Kim Lawless.

How long does the hair need to be?
Whether you have waxed, trimmed or shaved, I am unable to carry out waxing unless there is 4.5 weeks of hair regrowth (the only exceptions are underarm, lip and eyebrow). Waxing any earlier is very unsafe. I will know if the hair has less than 4.5 weeks of hair regrowth and will not carry out the treatment. Please do not book an appointment unless you will have 4.5 weeks of hair regrowth.

How long will the result last?
That varies from person to person. Most of the time in the very first 3 weeks the regrowth is very little. If you previously shaved, it may take from 2 to 4 waxing sessions before you will notice the difference in the timing of the regrowth or texture of the hair.

How often shall I book a waxing session?

To see the best benefits of waxing, I would advise you to come and see me every 4.5-5 weeks. The hair goes through 4 stages of the hair growth, which takes approximately 4.5 weeks. In order to see the difference and make the hair weaker, we have to take that hair out in the 4th stage. Waxing in an earlier stage is unsafe and painful as the hair is simply not ready.

Why waxing?

It is definitely more hygienic. I have waxed thousands of people of different backgrounds, different ages and all I can say: They never come back to shaving. Just try and see. I promise you, you will not go back to shaving.

Is it painful?

Of course it is, I am a beautician not a magician. My quickest Hollywood wax I have ever done is 8 min. Regardless if your appointment is 10 min or 40 min, I can promise you that you feel the pain maximum for 20 seconds. I will use all my skills and experience to make the discomfort as little and as short as possible. I definitely need you to trust me.


How do I prepare for my first wax?

I would like you to drink quite a lot of water a few days before and on the day of your appointment. It tends to be less painful when skin is hydrated. I need the hair to be no longer than half an inch, so you could possibly trim it. The longer the hair is, the more pain you will feel.  Do not moisturise on the day of waxing. If you have shaved or waxed yourself, I would want you to wait for at least 4.5 weeks before booking an appointment.


For 48 hours avoid sunbathing, swimming, gym, hot baths/showers, saunas, steam rooms, any product application.


I am aware that many of you are very shy when it comes to intimate waxing.

I will ask you to take your clothes off from the waist down in order to achieve the best wax.

I am a professional waxer and I treat my job very seriously.

It is my privilege to make you
feel empowered and show you ways
to maintain
self care and a healthy look.
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