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Waxing - the SkinDose way

How much do you know about waxing?

This depends what you understand by saying ‘waxing’. I’m hoping to use this blog post to explain why consistency is so important if you want long-term results with waxing, there are no short-cuts.

Do you think waxing is just ‘taking the hair out’?

Well, if it was that simple then anyone can do it and with a bit of willpower and marching through the pain, then you can certainly do it yourself.

My waxing services are a little bit more than that.

Leg waxing being carried out
Leg waxing

I do it with bare minimal pain.

Pain is, of course, part of the process but I coach you on how to manage it and go through it peacefully. That is quite a significant skill for other situations in life, too!

You can’t just book waxing just because the idea came into your head, there are some important considerations.

I had clients who shaved the night before and expected me to wax them the following morning… hmm, absolutely not.

Could I do it? If you mean - could I apply the wax, take it off and charge you for it - sure, I can do that. But I would also destroy my name by doing that, which respectfully I won’t. Waxing at an incorrect time is not only bad for long-term results, it is also very unsafe.

So the actual idea of waxing is:

LONG LASTING RESULTS - consistency and persistence.

If you think of waxing as a one-off only, and then you will shave - I will stop you there. Don’t waste your money on one session, it will not give you any results. In fact, after your first waxing session, your skin has to get used to waxing so there are many things to watch out for. I guarantee you that whoever told you about a bad waxing experience (whether done by themselves or a salon), it was done through carelessness and a lack of proper knowledge.

You need at least 3-4 sessions to actually see the proper results, so I need your commitment and you need to keep yourself accountable.

What are the long term results?

Softer hair

Much less regrowth (MUCH less!!)

No need for shaving or waxing less than 4.5 weeks after your last wax (it’s really important you don’t wax any earlier than 4.5 weeks after your last wax, no matter what type of hair you have).

Yes, yes I know what you will say now:

“But my hair grows quickly!”

It grows quickly because you remove the hair before it even grows properly 🤦🏻‍♀️

Let me tell you this:

I have 16 years of experience in waxing.

I wax myself… (I am a brunette with strong roots sooo…)

I have waxed about 6,000 people from Alaska to New Zealand.

I know what I am talking about so please (respectfully) - I know my craft.

With waxing there is a lot to explain and teach you so if you are interested in long-lasting results with no side effects and a result as good as (or better) than laser hair removal, then please come and see me.

Let’s do it and chat about it. I promise you won’t look back.

Request an appointment via my website. I look forward to seeing you soon and guiding you through your waxing journey.


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