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Perceptions of beauty therapists vs influencers

I would love to say 99% of people, but it’s more like 100% of people, think that if someone is called a beauty therapist they must know every single product available in the shops.

Let me answer this ONCE and for all:


Let’s take the example of me

I come from a biology, chemistry, physiology and anatomy background. I then trained as a beauty therapist following that knowledge and was trained in treatments at a basic level.

People who take this route, just like myself, then start working for a salon or a spa or a clinic and you are trained further in the product line available at that place. I have worked with Environ for the last 10 years and participate in refresher trainings every 3-6 months, as scientists keep working and formulas keep changing meaning the protocols keep changing too.

Influencers? Please give me a break. Am I an influencer who has a following of a million people and recommend the same product to all of them? 😂

It’s impossible! Have they seen the individual skin types and followed a consultation? The skin of a 13 year old is different to a 30-something pregnant lady who is looking after a toddler and having sleepless nights, to someone who possibly went through an illness in the last 6 months to a person who is 70 years old, after menopause.

Come on now! Don’t be fooled.

I need to get to know your skin, your lifestyle and then tailor the products to your skin. After 3 months your skin might be at a completely different place and once you finish the products I give you, I may have to change some of them or change the formula.

Of course, you can go on the Environ page and choose yourself, but as therapists we are trained in how to manipulate protocols and provide expertise in the use of the product over time and in combination with other Environ products. For example, some of the Environ products like a cleanser can be used as a masque for some skin conditions.

Furthermore, the vitamin A world is a massive field of knowledge and information and when not read properly and explained, you can go very wrong or not see any difference at all. I’ve covered that in another blog.

It is all down to what you use and how you use it. You don’t pay me for the product, you pay for the knowledge that comes with it.

Another example is lactic acid. This may exist in 200 products out there but in order for me to guide you and understand your skin's reaction to it - I have to put you on an Environ one, because that’s where my expertise sits (I know what percentage and PH is in it). With other brands it may also contain lactic acid, but I’m not trained in them so I don’t know how to guide you.

Do I say other brands are wrong? No

What I say though is:

If you want to use another brand other than Environ then you have to go to the therapists that are trained in them. Don't assume that you think you know because 99.9% of the time, you won't.

If you want my guidance with your skincare and the results from it, then you have to start using Environ.

I will be uploading a lot of blogs soon to clear all that mish-mash full of marketing.

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