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A beginner's guide to Hollywood waxing

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A new client of SkinDose shares her experience of her first Hollywood wax.

As a newbie to most types of waxing, I have always been curious about Hollywood waxing and loved the thought of being fully waxed... ‘down there’. However, I was also nervous at the thought of having to remove all my clothes from the waist down, and putting my full trust in someone to remove hair from such an intimate part of the body. Would it feel uncomfortable? Would it hurt? Would I be embarrassed? These are all questions which had played on my mind in the past, and had lead me to put off booking my first Hollywood wax.

Booking my first Hollywood wax

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions in April 2021, I decided to book my first Hollywood wax after months of being unable to access professional waxing and beauty services. I had only ever had eyebrow, lip and leg waxing before, so a Hollywood was definitely a jump into the unknown for me. But, I thought now was a great time to try something new, especially with spring and summer approaching. I decided to put my worries aside and booked my first Hollywood with Karolina at SkinDose - my curiosity and excitement was definitely mixed with a feeling of apprehension, but Karolina soon put me at ease with her empathetic and kind nature.

The SkinDose Experience

The SkinDose studio, based in the centre of Jericho, is intimate, private and welcoming. I felt immediately at ease as soon as I walked in and was welcomed by Karolina. This helped me to feel relaxed as I removed my clothes from the waist down and got onto the couch. I had plenty of questions and Karolina was happy to explain each step of the Hollywood as she went through it. I really appreciated this, as it helped me to understand the reasoning behind each stage and also proved how knowledgeable Karolina is in her field.

Karolina uses hot wax for sensitive areas with thicker hair, such as during a Hollywood. The wax is applied to each area with a spatula, left to harden and then stripped back quickly. There is a sharp stinging sensation for a few seconds, but it quickly fades. I immediately started to feel the fresh sensation on my skin as each section was waxed. It felt amazing.

The whole experience took around 40 minutes from start to finish, and cost me £44. I can absolutely say it is value for money. I feel fresh, clean and rejuvenated after having my first Hollywood done, and can say it is a thrill and a fantastic experience with SkinDose.


Feeling nervous and apprehensive before a Hollywood is completely valid and understandable, as I have experienced first-hand. However, Karolina’s expertise, experience and skills helped me to feel at ease and enjoy the experience from start to finish. My worries beforehand were definitely a case of ‘mind over matter’! I have enjoyed the freshly waxed feeling and I’m told that regrowth is unlikely to start for another few weeks (although this does depend on the individual). The whole experience was such a positive one; I left feeling happy, refreshed and like a very valued client. I’ll be back in five weeks for my second Hollywood!


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