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SkinDose is bucking the trend of 'beauty'

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The beauty industry is crowded and competitive. Everywhere you go in the UK, you'll find various beauty salons offering manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing - you name it.

On the other end of the spectrum you have clinics; those that offer botox, fillers - the quick fixes. Oxford is a perfect example of a city which has so many of these options.

My drive and purpose is to continue to establish and build the SkinDose brand and philosophy as an alternative to the standard options in the beauty industry.

It can be so daunting for many who are trying to find the perfect solution - they may have become overwhelmed with the options and unable to find a therapist to suit their needs and values. I exist for those who want to take care of their skin on a long-term, sustainable basis - a much more sustainable option than the quick fixes (botox, fillers) which have negative repercussions in the long-term. Trust me!

New people I meet often ask what I do for a living. I am fully aware (based on many experiences) that simply saying 'I am a beauty therapist' gives a completely inaccurate vision of what I truly do and stand for. I am not a beauty therapist who does cheap nails and basic facials. I also do not stand for the quick fixes. I know for a fact that if someone had told 13-year old me (the Tomboy of my town) that I'd end up in the beauty industry, I would have laughed in their face.

SkinDose has a unique vision and philosophy

The truth is, I have built and formed my own vision, perspective and philosophy in 'beauty' to change the standards and vision people have of this industry. I first decided to go down this route to find ways to treat my own acne (as I have never been interested in fake nails or quick fixes to skin issues or ageing). I found studying beauty quite daunting as I could not relate to the outlook of my fellow classmates. I persevered, and I am proud that this has led to my unique philosophy to bring a holistic approach to long-term, sustainable skincare through science-backed treatments, nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Skin health and radiance is not possible with an overnight quick fix. We must live with the vision of looking after ourselves with our daily routines and habits, alongside a regular skincare routine, to bring out the best in our skin and in ourselves.

My website has plenty of information about the treatments I offer and how these fit into the SkinDose philosophy. Request an appointment today and let's work together to discover your best self!


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