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What can I expect during a SkinDose facial?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A new client of SkinDose shares her experience of her first SkinDose Facial

Why book a SkinDose facial?

Before booking my facial appointment with SkinDose, I always knew I wanted to (and should) look after my skin but with so many options out there, and so much advice and advertising from all angles, I wasn’t ever sure which treatment route to choose.

I think a lot of us can relate to this. We all want glowing, healthy and radiant skin but with so many marketing messages around, it can feel overwhelming sometimes.

"Discovering Karolina at SkinDose has been the solution I was looking for - a thoroughly experienced skin therapist who uses her expertise to guide me and suggest the best skincare plan for my individual skin type and needs".

What can I expect from a SkinDose facial?

My Environ facial at SkinDose was not only relaxing and a chance to completely switch off, it gave me results which completely blew my expectations away. My skin felt soft and had a radiant glow.

That was the result of the science-backed processes alongside the care and expertise of Karolina.

I feel everyone should experience the benefits of a long term skincare plan. It brings out the best in us internally as well as externally. This then feeds into other areas of our lives, bringing confidence and fulfilment. Environ facials can form a part of that, away from the falseness of Botox and dermal fillers which many seem to be turning to as a quick fix.

This then ends up looking false and fake. There are alternatives out there which encourage the healthiness and radiance of your skin and benefit your wellbeing as a whole. Why would you consider anything else?

What is involved in a SkinDose facial?

To add some clarity, below are the steps of a typical Environ facial:

  • You begin by lying down on a comfortable bed and soft pillow in SkinDose's new, quiet space.

  • Soft, relaxing music is played throughout the facial. It'll feel like a real treat, and you'll really relax.

  • Cleansing is the first step of the facial itself.

  • Karolina will then use a micro-exfoliating technique (a clay mask is used to exfoliate; no mechanical exfoliants are used).

  • Sonophoresis (sound waves) are used to open channels of the skin to ensure maximum benefit. The molecules of the various ingredients are too big to penetrate the skin, so the sound waves are needed to open the pores to enable maximum benefit.

These phases are researched and science-backed. The processes are used to prevent skin cancer, and to treat rosacea, eczema, and other common sensitive skin conditions.

  • The second phase sees the application of serum and an algae mask which oxygenates the skin.

  • Iontophoresis is used via crocodile clips, allowing the serum and algae to penetrate the dermis.

  • The Envion facials can be paired with Dermalux LED light therapy to maximise results even further.

The stages of the facial have been proven to reverse the ageing process and stimulate the skin by boosting vitamin A levels. During our life, we are constantly exposed to sunlight and free radicals, meaning we gradually lose molecules of vitamin A. The facial tackles this by thickening the skin, making our skin healthier, more radiant, and stronger against free radicals.

Combining a regular facial routine alongside a healthy lifestyle can bring about the best results. I have seen this first-hand and would encourage anyone to visit Karolina at SkinDose to begin their skincare journey, and discover their self-confidence and self-empowerment.

"It isn't just skincare - it's selfcare, that will bring out the best in us".


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